Fight Night – Top Rank July 16, 2016


What I find endlessly enjoyable about photography is that it connects me to worlds I’ve never been exposed to before.  I have honestly never seen a full boxing match before, be it live, or on tv, so what better way to see my first fights than at ringside shooting the …

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2016 Battlefrog Seattle


My trip to Seattle was just about as expected.  It was partly cold, partly rainy, and partly sunny.  There’s a lot of rummaging through the 8k obstacle course to get plenty tired and muddy, which isn’t too big a deal but it’s a little challenging when I have to jump on …

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2016 Rugged Maniac SoCal


Yesterday was hot as hell.  It reached mid 90s but it felt like 105.  The sand was burning my feet through my shoes.  A pack of fruit snacks became gooey gatorade and every bottle of water I grabbed felt like I was drinking hot tea.  That wouldn’t normally bother me, …

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2016 Bellin Run


It was a pretty hot weekend in the midwest, reaching the mid 90s for the 40th anniversary of the Bellin Run in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Got to do some more testing with the Nikon D500 and the 200-500mm lens, both of which are growing on me more and more every …

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2016 Run to Remember Boston


This was easily my quickest trip to my hometown of Boston I’ve ever had since moving away.  About 12 hours in town with roughly 1 and a half hours of sleep, I was headed out as soon as I arrived.  I did get to try out two new pieces of equipment; the Nikon D500 …

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2016 Brooklyn Half Marathon

Brooklyn Half 2016

It’s nice to be back in New York.  My promotional assignment was a little more stationary at a couple primary spots for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, but it was still a great event.   I made sure to get plenty of signage shots at these rehydrating stations, as well as some …

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2016 Bay to Breakers


As much as I hate navigating through San Francisco on a race day, it’s one of my favorite cities to photograph a race in.  There are so many awesome areas to cover, that we actually had 3 promotional photographers for this event.  My locations were Moscone Center and Golden Gate …

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2016 Komen Race for the Cure


Got to celebrate my birthday in DC for the second year in a row, covering the Komen Race for the Cure, which starts and ends at the Washington Monument.  Unlike last year though, it was a gorgeous day.  The sun was out early, and it really provided some better images …

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Color Me Rad Fresno 2016


I get a lot of questions on how I protect my gear for these color events and unfortunately I have no good answer.  I think ultimately I’m one of those photographers who loses creative juices the more I think about the safety of my equipment.  Hence, I tend to throw caution to …

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Tough Mudder Los Angeles 2016


Tough Mudder LA is a windy bitch.  Tons of sand flying everywhere as the Santa Ana winds really pick up in these areas.  Started to shoot with sunglasses for this event, which is something I hate doing but is in this case very necessary.  Glad the event is over.  2 …

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